Sunday, November 25, 2012

Your Head is a Rock

        I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving Day dinner! We had fun at all three of ours. However I did what I always pick on my bestie for. I left something behind. In this instance Ducky's nice warm winter coat. It was cold when we left at 7am but by the time we got off the mountain and down to my Grandma's it was warmer, and when we left at noonish she would have roasted if we had her wear the coat. I thought we had grabbed it but it some how got put in the spare room and of course I didn't realize this until we were walking through our front door (45 minutes later). We have her backup coat but it isn't as warm as the one we forgot. Now I feel guilty because it is freezing cold and snowing all of a sudden. We're getting the coat back at some point this week through a convoluted method so I'll just have to make sure she doesn't spend too much time outside until we do.

        While I feel horrible about it that's not the terrifying topic this week. Hard heads are. I know everyone jokes about people having hard heads, myself included. This may be in reference to being stubborn or willful. It can also literally mean you have a hard head. In Ducky's case it is both. In terms of stubbornness our little girl is getting very very willful and determined. Yesterday she demanded my husband stay sitting where she put him or she lectured him, little finger waving and all. This was of course hilarious to me and we laughed about it and gave in. We will on little matters to make it clear we will listen to her sometimes but when it comes to her safety (like stealing mommy's scissors) there is no discussion. If we're at home and she decides she wants to wear her pajamas instead of real clothes, I don't see a problem with it. I like seeing her coming into her own personality and making small decisions that show it.

        Now on the literal front, my daughter has a hard head. I've already talked about her falling on the sidewalk, her ninja rolls through the neighbors yard that she just laughed off. This week we have added to the accidents that should have caused injuries list. We have a set bed time routine, part of which is letting her run down the hallway to bed. Well on Wednesday night she added to the routine by running headfirst into the molding around the one door. She then stands up grabs her forehead, glares at the door jam like it's the doors fault before taking off again. No tears, no marks, no damage what so ever. Again tonight she accidentally ran into the door, I'm guessing she thought it wasn't latched as it normally isn't. Just bonk right into the door, glared at the door, then turned around and glared at me. No crying, no red mark, nothing. I'm not complaining it just scares me! She's eventually going to run into something that is harder than her head and then we're going to be in trouble.

     For now I'm off to watch Christmas movies, work on my crocheting and research helmets!

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  1. I can totally picture Ducky making the angry face at the door. lol

    Also, I would like to point out that if I was epileptic, your blog would cause me to have seizures. Between the background and the white on black font, the words were quite literally "dancing" off the page by the time I made it to the end. :-p